Green/Sustainable Commercial Real estate Investments for 1031 Exchange | Impact Investments


As you probably know, we are in the business of creating, sourcing and managing impact investments.  

And if you forgot, Impact Investments are investments that produce double or triple bottom line returns. In addition to financial yield you get either or both social and/or environmental yield.

We have been involved with almost a billion dollars worth of commercial and investment real estate in over 30 states.  Most of those properties and deals have been standard commercial real estate such as retail or industrial buildings or mobile home parks or apartment buildings.  And about 60% or so has been 1031 exchanges.

Now, we are combining our expertise in commercial and investment real estate and 1031 exchanges with our passion for impact investments.  There is no reason why we can't all make and have investments that make us feel good!

Here is a current impact investment real estate deal we are working on.

A client needs to place $1MM cash as part of a 1031 exchange and wants a passive income deal but would like it to additionally have double or triple bottom line returns.

We are looking in the green/LEED building space, adaptive reuse, wind/solar energy space, affordable housing and land / water conservation space.

Targeting 5-6% annual financial yield with additional social or environmental "impact" yields.  The client would love for the investment to be "sustainable, green or prevent climate change".

We also have several other clients and investment funds looking for "impact investments" in real estate so let me know what you have in the pipeline of ANY type and ANY size. We have several hundred million dollars looking for these deals over the next 6-24 months.

The 1031 exchange deals need to be fee simple ownership or DST structure but non-1031 exchange would be open to JV or LP participation.

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Obsessed? - Why do I love these buildings so much?

When I see a building I like this, I get a tingling feeling. Giddy.  Excited.

Most would call this an eyesore or a teardown.

I see opportunity.

What can go here? What can we do with this? Who can use it?

How beautiful and useful it could be!

Fortunately, we get the opportunity to work with owners and sellers of these buildings on a weekly basis.  We also get to work with the city staff and neighbors to make communities better.

Our real estate reuse and redevelopment services are sourcing deals like this in Opportunity Zones nationwide.

Defer taxes. Annual cashflow. Appreciation. Do good for you and the community. True COMPOUND returns.

Reuse & Redevelopment Opportunities

Reuse & Redevelopment Opportunities



What would you fix? - Donate or Invest

What would you fix? - Donate or Invest

Gift or Investment?

How much more money could be raised if donations were structured as investments rather than gifts? 

If you had a choice to donate $1,000 or invest $1,000 what would you do?