What would you fix? - Donate or Invest

On your way to work today what did you see? 

Sure: trees, cars, buildings, people. I am sure you saw some nice things and some bad things. 

What irked you? (Besides Fox News and even that story on NPR.) What did you see that you wish you could fix?  

What troubled you? What did you think about that you don't want your kids to have to deal with when they get older? 

On my way to work I saw a homeless guy. I saw several beat up cars. I saw a few run down buildings. I saw several buildings that have been vacant or for sale for years. I saw a stray dog running in traffic. I saw a house in an otherwise nice neighborhood with no siding on it, just house wrap (it has been that way for 5 years).  I saw leaves on the trees and flowers blooming at least 3-4 weeks early due to abnormally warm spring and winter. 

Of course I saw a bunch of awesome and beautiful things also. But those don't need changing or fixing. They are perfect. 

Some would say the other things are perfect too.  That they are in balance or in harmony. Sure.

But what if we could fix them? Make them better?

As individuals, it is easy to think those problems are too big or I don't have enough time or enough resources etc. But what about as a group?  

The #lovearmyforsomalia has raised $2.4 million and counting plus use of a jet to delivery food and supplies to famine ridden Somalia. They did this in just a few days via social media. 

And what about the collective of people who raised over $250,000 for the 80 year old street vendor still pushing his cart?

Someone saw a need and acted. They did not try to do it themselves. They enlisted others. And the impact was huge.  Small contributions added up. 

Yes, these were donations and gifts to the recipients.

However, how much more money could be raised if they were investments rather than gifts? 

If you had a choice to donate $100 or invest $100 what would you do?

Both make IMPACT. The donation provides a small tax break for you but otherwise is POOF. The investment would come back to you over time. You would get your money back plus a yield on the investment. 

Which would you choose? 

If you would rather invest than donate AND help solve big and small problems alike then join us. 

And if you care deeply enough about the things you saw on the way to work today to solve them, send us the problem. We will see if we can make an investment out of it and rally the troops.  

You don't have to go it alone. 

COMPOUND | global is a new breed of investment vehicle. We are turning investing on its head. By using all the tricks and trades of Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and crowdfunding we are making investments in the world's biggest problems but also in the direct lives of individuals and families.  Our inclusive funds provide individuals a way to invest alongside pensions, foundations and high net worth families into double and triple bottom line investments: people, planet, profit.